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DIY Small Business Turnarounds: Accelerate Your Company in 4 Steps

Ainslie Waldron, a business turnaround expert, says gloom shifts to boom in an accelerated company

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DIY Small Business Turnarounds: Accelerate Your Company in 4 Steps
Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) March 24, 2010 -- While business gurus tell small business owners to accept a new diminished reality, Ainslie Waldron’s contrarian voice says that’s a recipe for failure. The noted business author says companies will leap from the doldrums if their leaders accelerate their expectations, timeline, actions, and cash flow.

Here are Ainslie Waldron’s steps to turnaround and accelerate your company:

1. Accelerate management expectations – No small business owner or manager enters the field expecting a 10 or 20 percent annual profit increase; every startup leader expects geometric returns. As time passes, expectations become modest and they get what they expect. When business leaders shift back to their roots of accelerated expectations, this typically spurs action to achieve the geometric results they expect.

2. Accelerate the time frame – Good company leaders have a 5 year business plan with expected results. Great company leaders then ask themselves how they might achieve the same results in 6 months. This accelerated time frame inspires some amazing management thinking and always accelerates results in very positive ways.

3. Accelerate new initiatives – New markets and marketing fall by the wayside in the face of economic challenges unless management seizes the day and assumes a leadership position in their field by accelerating rather than muzzling new markets, new marketing, new products or services and new initiatives. New exciting activity is the lifeblood of an effective turnaround.

4. Accelerate cash flow – The speed of a business turnaround is usually tied directly to the velocity of cash flow. For a firm to accelerate out of the doldrums management should analyze every element of inbound cash flow from income to receivables turnaround, then do what it takes to accelerate each line item. Accelerated cash flow fuels remarkable turnarounds.

“Small companies have a pace, a timeline, a ‘vibe’ if you will” said Waldron founder of AcclerateYourCompany.com. “Customers, investors, employees and management sense that vibe and they respond in kind. Show me a fast moving company and I’ll show you new customers, investors standing in line, employees arriving early, and excited management fighting for company success.”

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About Ainslie Waldron – Ainslie is a leading voice of the business turnaround and profitability field specializing in small to mid size companies. She founded and heads the Accelerated Business Success Consultancy and recently authored The Ultimate Secret for Business (Sutton Hart Press 2010). Ainslie Waldron mba is on the board of several companies, heads one of the largest Mensa organizations, speaks frequently at business events, and divides her professional time between Brisbane, Australia and Portland, Oregon U.S.A.